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Peaceful and pristine highlands, blessed with captivating natural beauty and showcasing ancient colonial splendour; what more do you need to revive the mind and body? The Blackpool stands at an altitude of 1876m, surrounded by vast tea estates, carefully tended vegetable plantations and beautiful mountainous terrains. Come, discover The Blackpool’s warm hospitality by yourself, and become a member of the ‘Princess of Little England’. Indulge in the delicious, local and international cuisine that the Blackpool has to offer and relax in the luxurious rooms that look out to picturesque views presenting the true beauty of Mother Nature. The aroma of Ceylon tea coupled with the sweet-scented mist surrounding the area, adds to the beauty of the place. It is worth getting out of the comfort of your bed to take a dip to feel the warmth of the ‘Unu Diya Pokuna’, stroll in the hills or cycle alongside the lush green tea plantations. Somehow, the landscape urges you to climb higher, delve deeper and walk further. There are hotels and there are experiences. There are places where you simply stay and places you simply never want to leave. Welcome to BLACKPOOL, where you meet your family in the hills.

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Cosy – BlackPool
30 September 2024
The most special and the rarest feature that the Black Pool offers is the out-door hot water pool, namely “UNU DIYA POKUNA” which has a convivial atmosphere. Instead of engaging in the typical activities you are used to when you visit the hill country, you can enjoy this novel experience with your family to warm yourselves in the chilly mountains.
Life in an Eden
30 June 2023

Are you in search of a picturesque landscape to enjoy your vacation? The hill country in Sri Lanka has the spectacular landscape you are looking for. The magnificence of Nuwara Eliya is hard to ignore and offers unbeatable camera-baiting sceneries for the travellers. Marvel at the majestic elegance of Black Pool Hotel amidst the real life paradise.

Dine – Fine with style
31 October 2023

The Black Pool is a place where you can enjoy the ancient Sri Lankan family receipts with colonial flavours and a wide cluster of standard international cuisine with the world’s best spices. Discover the exclusive and spectacular escapes to dine according to your wish and taste that promise you an unforgettable meal.

Unforeseen Hospitality
31 August 2023

Have you ever been to a hotel that escorts you personally to the pool by the staff without notifying its direction? Have you ever been to a hotel which pays you unanticipated individual support? The Black Pool offers you a handmade miraculous hospitality that assures the uncompromising quality in the wink of an eye.

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